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The Big Cock is on the loose! But who's gonna come and stop them? Everyone is! But whoever gets the Big Cock first will gain all the pride they desire! Duke it out in this multiplayer platformer bullet hell game with eight broken characters, where everyone dies in one hit! Get yourself even more broken by obtaining the pride pills to get your bullets overpowered. It's time to prove to everyone that you will never lose to cock! This game features special non-canon Touhou characters, such as Mister from a certain Touhou Doujin and Yuuto Ichika from Touhou Hell. For the best experience, please use gamepads.巨大鶏・ビッグチンチキン、襲来!止められる奴はいないのか!?いやいっぱいいた!ビッグチンチキンを倒し誇りある勝利を掴め! 一撃で即死、参戦キャラ8人全員がぶっ壊れの対戦型弾幕アクション!プライド錠でぶっ壊れ性能は更に加速する! チンチキンになんて絶対に負けない事を証明せよ! 非公式キャラの某エロ同人のおじさんやTouhou Hellより一華優朋も特別参戦! ゲームパッドの使用をオススメします

This game is a submission for Touhou Fan Game Jam 4 and Redditaisai.


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Tags2D, Anime, Bullet Hell, Comedy, Cute, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, Versus


TouhouCock-COMPLETED 158 MB
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I enjoy the game! I think the campaign can be longer? Other than that, it is such a good game and lol Mister from Hey Mister is here lmao!

i love this community so gosh darn much, 10 outta 9.

Is there a way to play the other modes multiplayer (speedrun/targets/etc.)?

When is netplay going to be in? You can make it be UDP tunneling, or like IaMP which uses a special caster. Just please add netplay 

Chicken Touhou best Touhou. That title pun tho. o_o