A downloadable game for Windows


But what exactly is the Nutshack without all of the Nutshack crew? Join Phil Matibag and his ladies man of an uncle, Tito Dick, as they go around The Tenderloin to find their friends. Are you ready for a meme game taken to the next level?

Game Guide: http://www.lamedimension.moe/nutshackinfo.html

Keyboard Controls:
Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Jump
X - Attack
C - Dash
A - Switch Character
Escape / P - Pause / Exit Game

Gamepad Controls:
Analog Stick / D-pad - Move
A - Jump
X - Attack
B - Dash
Y - Switch Character
Start - Pause
Select - Pause / Exit Game

This game supports Xinput gamepads, such as Xbox360 controllers, and it is highly recommended to use it for this game


Version 1.0.3
- If you had issues with the jumping feeling a bit funky, it's probably alright now
- Stage 2 layout slightly changed yet again to be more novice friendly
- Stages are yet again slightly more optimized for weaker computers. I currently have no methods for weak computers that face slowdowns right at stage 1

Version 1.0.2
- Buffed Tito Dick's hitboxes, fixing the problem with Tito Dick unable to break crates when directly touching them
- Quitting the game now requires you to hold the Escape button rather than pressing it to prevent accidental quitting
- Stage 2 layout has been changed again slightly to prevent another issue of getting stuck and the issue of the switch block not activating when shooting at it while directly next to them
- Has been optimized for weaker computers to prevent slowdowns at certain parts, but I cannot confirm it myself because I do not have a weak enough computer to test it with

Version 1.0.1
- Stage 2 layout has been changed slightly to prevent the issue of getting stuck


The Nutshack The Game v103.exe 201 MB
Rainbow Edition (April Fools Prank) 202 MB


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Hey, I opened up the game and started it, but then it keeled over and died when I got only a few seconds into the action. Do you think you might be able to fix this issue?

EDIT:Only title screen shows.Idk what to do.

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are you still unable to get past the title screen?

you're the only person so far who's reported me this.

Probably because my rig sucks.

Great job on this one! I caught a few bugs as you'll see in the video but overall it was a good experience. I did not, however, get to finish due to my inability to tackle some of the obstacles lol. I may jump back into it and try to go all the way as I'd like to see an ending! Good luck to anyone else who tries this!

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Will alleviate in next update

I also accidentally found your video before this comment lol

Thats crazy! I was almost certain you had found it on here!

me and my friends periodically check youtube for gameplay videos of whatever I make