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Hey, I opened up the game and started it, but then it keeled over and died when I got only a few seconds into the action. Do you think you might be able to fix this issue?

EDIT:Only title screen shows.Idk what to do.

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are you still unable to get past the title screen?

you're the only person so far who's reported me this.

Probably because my rig sucks.

Great job on this one! I caught a few bugs as you'll see in the video but overall it was a good experience. I did not, however, get to finish due to my inability to tackle some of the obstacles lol. I may jump back into it and try to go all the way as I'd like to see an ending! Good luck to anyone else who tries this!

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Will alleviate in next update

I also accidentally found your video before this comment lol

Thats crazy! I was almost certain you had found it on here!

me and my friends periodically check youtube for gameplay videos of whatever I make