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i would pay very good money for a sequel

This was very nice, a good fundamental concept and it's low grade color scheme added to the charm.

The only nitpick was it was hard to keep rhythm to the audio/music. It was good music, though unless it's especially beat heavy it can be hard to keep sync.

But this was a worthwhile play from the racial justice bundle, thanks for including it!


the cutest runner, bless you

Trying to infuse rhythm-based gameplay into other genres is always such an exciting endeavor! The graphics probably needed some more detail to be this zoomed out, but there are some fun design ideas at work here.


Really, really dumb fun!
A little hidden indie gem <3


This game sucks really bad!
I love it ^_^


didn't know what i was getting myself into with this game. but im very glad i checked it out. i thought the gameplay was fun and easy to pick up as someone with no experience with bullet hell games. excellent presentation with both graphics and music. all of the delicious features listed on the page were present. good stuff!

anyone who checks out this game must play "Yuuto Ichika Makes Friends" as a follow-up game

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