The bootleg 2hu Yuuto Ichika is back to make some new friends!

This Game Boy homebrew is available to be played on emulators, such as Visual Boy Advance, and real hardware. Explore a town full of thugs and befriend all sorts of criminals and crazy people. Discover what happens after the events of Super Ledgehop: Double Laser before its proper follow-up game get released.

This one week project was developed with GB Studio.

 本作はVisual Boy Advanceのようなエミュレーターや実機で使用できる自家製ゲームボーイROMです。 舞台はチンピラまみれのシャインコーストシティ。純真な少女・優朋と、愉快でイカれた街の人々の出会い、そしてSuper Ledgehop: Double Laserのその後、正式な続編までの間の物語をどうぞお楽しみください。

本作はGB Studioを使用して1週間(日本語翻訳に+2週間)で制作されました。

Programmer: ChairGTables

Artists: Tristama, DannyRG, chained_tan

Music Composer: Sylvysprit

Japanese Translation: MSLabo102


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Yuuto warms my heart :D

I loved it uwu

is there english

The most wholesome game ever to feature serial killer clowns, explosions, and occasional use of the word "whore!"  I like it a lot.

I played it when it released during the time I was in a bad place mentally and I replayed it now to really fully experience it and understand the jokes and it's still an amazing jokes

Really really cute game, enjoyed the experience!

didnt cry, but still enjoyed the game. neat that it's gb homebrew playable on emulators. excellent pixel art and music. is the ost available anywhere?

Youtube version: 

Bandcamp link:



for some reason im stuck at the select language page

Press Alt!


I actually cried


This is a meme game lol


It was super cute and well done!! I really felt for all the characters... So sweet

Adorable game, really cute

Yuuto Ichika spams level one ice cage. Chair?


This game is really wholesome and it made happy my day
Thank you

That was a very cute story, the atmosphere (graphics, animations, music) was very well crafted and nostalgic, was a nice small game ^~^

A world where magic is illegal and you can make friends with a murderous clown!! It was odd and I loved every second of it!!


Cute, and not a horror title. 

You win points for this ^^v